It’s family, we kiss and hug each other

It’s family, we kiss and hug each other

Ingrid is one of most nicest person you will ever meet on Aruba. She always goes that extra mile to give the customers all she can give. Like she says it’s family.  Watch the video to see the full story of Ingrid and Ghislaine.

Tierra del Sol

My name is Ingrid de Marchena. I work here in Tierra del Sol. I am a vacation rental manager. And I have been working here at Tierra del Sol for 23 years.

Hi, my name Ghislaine de Windt. I am the marketing and sales executive at Tierra del Sol. And I have been working here for 2 years now.

(Ingrid) Well as I have said before. I work here as a vacation rental manager. I service the owners also and service our guests. We rent homes and give all type of services. And we work with wholesalers, we work with travel agents and we try to give our guests a good experience.




The story

This is the story of Ingrid and Ghislaine at Tierra del Sol. Who they are and what they do at Tierra del Sol Resort.

After this you will definitely know why you will have go to Tierra del Sol when you visit the beautiful island of Aruba.

Ingrid will give you the best experience she can give you and treat you like family so you can rely on her for your next visit to Tierra del Sol.


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Name: Ingrid the Marchena and Ghislaine de Wind

Function : Vacation rental manager and Sales and Marketing executive

Location: Aruba

Category : People
Tags : #Aruba, #ArubaInterview, #ArubaVacation, #KeyCaribe, #Locals, #TierraDelSol, #TravelAruba

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